2023 Environmental Days 

Photo by Chris O'Brian

World Snow Day 

January 16th, 2023 

World Snow Day 2023, observed annually on the third Sunday of January, will be celebrated on January 15th. This event was created in 2012 by the International Ski Federation to “Bring Children to the Snow.” The purpose is to increase children’s participation in snow-related sports and bring families together in snowy regions. Elk Island National Park has trails suitable for cross-country skiing, hiking or snowshoeing. 

World Wetlands Day

February 2nd, 2023

February 2nd is World Wetlands Day (https://www.worldwetlandsday.org). Wetlands are small water bodies that support a diverse range of aquatic and semi-aquatic organisms, ranging in size from tiny zooplankton to the mighty moose. These environments provide important ecological services across the landscape we share with other species, and provide cultural and recreational opportunities that enhance our lives. The 2023 World Wetland Day theme is “It’s Time For Wetlands Restoration,” highlighting the need to prioritize wetland restoration to protect these important habitats. FEIS is joining the international community to raise wetlands awareness and encourage conservation and restoration actions. #GenerationRestoration #ForWetlands #WorldWetlandsDay