Promoting Conservation, Research, Education and Recreation in Elk Island National Park.

Elk Island National Park is about 45 kilometers East of Edmonton, Alberta.
Incorporated in July 1984 the Friends of Elk Island Society (FEIS) is a non-profit, charitable association that cooperates with Parks Canada to promote understanding, appreciation and respect for Elk Island National Park.
The FEIS fulfills this mission by participating in conservation, science based research and events, whilst also providing services to it’s members. The FEIS raises funds and administers donations to further the objectives of the society.

The FEIS is managed by a board of directors who are elected annually by the society’s membership. The board acts as a source of advice, information, funding and volunteer support whilst also establishing and implementing policies and goals for the society.

If you're looking for Parks Canada's Elk Island web site you can find it here: Elk Island National Park.

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Friends of Elk Island Society
Please be aware that participating in Friends of Elk Island Society events (e.g. hikes, citizen science, etc.) may entail strenuous physical activity, encounters with potentially dangerous wildlife, exposure to biting insects, and inclement weather.  Please prepare accordingly.