The Board

Brian Eaton, Chairperson

Brian initially joined the Board in 2011 as the Conservation, Research and Education Director, taking on the role of Chairperson in 2014. Brian is an ecologist by training, and presently leads the Ecosystem Management Team at InnoTech Alberta. He grew up running around in the woods in Nova Scotia, looking for frogs and salamanders (which he observed for short periods and then released unharmed), fish, snakes, and anything else that moved. In his spare time, Brian is a Venturer Scout Leader, plays soccer, tends a small menagerie of creatures, and does random stuff outside.

Rick Watts, Vice Chair and Website Coordinator

Rick is an avid supporter of Canada’s national park system and has been involved with the Friends of Elk Island Society on and off for more than 15 years. His main interest lies in public engagement through citizen science. Rick has a background in biological sciences, having persuaded his mother to buy him his first field guide at the age of six. He is an avid “hobby” photographer and works in a research support capacity for the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta

Laurence (Larry) Roy, Treasurer

Larry joined the Board in Fall 2014 as he retired from his professional career as a wildlife biologist and manager of a group of environmental research teams. He is active in the Alberta Chapter of The Wildlife Society as well as FEIS and lives with his wife in a large acreage north of Innisfree. He enjoys any kind of outdoor activity such as hunting, fishing, hiking, bird watching, canoeing, shovelling snow, building etc. When he is not outside, he is usually working on renovations or watching sports on TV.

Ed Friesen, Member at Large

Ed has been part of the Board for about 5 years and does anything he is asked to get our jobs done, as he says is a "fill-in-the-blanks" kind of guy. In his spare time, he is heading to garage sales, auctions, and rodeos. He has his own shop where is repurposing wood into creative pieces.

Elizabeth Watts, Member at Large

(Bio not available)